Carl’s house (from the movie Up)

Remember the movie "Up"? Carl is compelled to leave (in) his house when it is squeezed too tight between skyscrapers.   Pencil sketch on Canson 10,2 x 15,2 cm One Art book: I used alcohol-ink brushmarkers and promarkers for colouring and a light grey Stabilo Point 88 for the thin lines: The watercolor effect in... Continue Reading →

Vieux Nice (opus 2)

I complemented Vieux Nice (opus 1) with a particular scene I had in mind.   Pencil sketch on a thick watercolor pad, having delimited the same size as the opus 1 painting: I mixed orange and crimson for the façade that I applied with a large synthetic brush, and wiped paint with less than more... Continue Reading →

Two cranes on a pine tree branch

A quick go at two cranes on a pine tree, based on a mural I photographed in China in April 2016: I chose a sheet of beige Canson paper, used a Pentel black brushpen for the outline and the black feathers of the cranes, and watercolor for the rest. I added white watercolor for highlights... Continue Reading →

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