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E-mail stuck in Outbox

31 Aug
For the past couple of months I’ve been annoyed with Opera e-mail sometimes being stuck in Outbox, at the “Authenticating” stage. Sometimes. Hence the annoyance. Sometimes it works fine for days. And sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t know what triggers it. I wish I knew :) Assuredly I can’t be the only one experiencing this! I’ve looked and searched the Web, forums, Opera knowledge base and support pages.

I’m using Opera 9.64 on mac OS X 10.5.7 and outgoing e-mail talks to an SMTP server over TLS.

I just found a workaround that is not very satisfactory, but good enough so long as it does the trick: disconnect/reconnect wi-fi, try again, worky. <sigh />

I also found that even if the stuck message is removed from the Outbox, Opera will eventually deliver it. Sadly the original timestamp is not kept. So if I found another way to send that message, people will still receive it again. Later. <re-sigh />

I changed how Opera handles e-mail a couple of months ago, so that might be it. I used to ssh to a machine and Opera talked to localhost to pop and send.

“Gipsy, give me your tears”

13 Sep

“Gipsy, give me your tears!”

On my way back to the pharmacy just now, a gipsy talked to me. Dude, that was so weird!

I *must* blag about it ;)

She said I would travel abroad, but not just now. Well, I didn’t say, but the taxi picks me up in 10 minutes to go to the airport; I’m going to Boston for a few days, for work.

She told me to remember the number “19” because it is going to be important in the upcoming months.

She asked me if the initials M J F meant anything to me and I said no. But she said I should keep them in mind because they will matter soon.

Then she gave me a white plastic “stone” from the Saintes-Marie de la Mer, where she comes from). It’s ugly. She said people must treat gipsies right (and she meant “generously”), so I gave her 5 euros. She must have thought she was in potentially good compagny, so she went on and read my palm.

She said I was lucky and other stuff and that I had an excellent memory (wrong!)
She asked me if I had undergone surgery in my life and I said no, and she said I never would. Amen.

That’s when she said it usually costs EUR 20 to 30 for palm reading. She was _that_ close to add “otherwise the predictions don’t work”, I’m sure.

I didn’t give her any more money but I’ll slip the plastic thingie in my bag, just in case ;)

Update: I just thought I’d mention that the flight attendant, seeing I was pregnent, moved me from a seat at row 11 (exit) to row… 19!
No update on MJF.

An unbelievable coincidence

29 Aug

On the way to lunch yesterday, I was chatting with a colleague and learnt she’s moving house this Friday to a tiny town I used to live in back in 2004. Pretty soon in the conversation we found out she’s moving exactly in the house I was in! How odd is that?!

I found out that my yucca is still there, healthy, right in front of the living room windows. I had inherited this yucca years ago, in 2000, I think, when a former W3C colleague left for the US and A. This yucca followed me in all the houses I’ve been in since then (5 different houses) and I left it in the garden of this house when I left. It was obviously in an ideal spot. When my ex moved out of the house a few months ago, he didn’t have the heart to unearth the yucca. My colleague will take good care of it, I’m certain.

I also found out that my garden dwarf is still there! Well, it’s now in the basement and she’s more than happy to give it back to me. What a coincidence! I’m still marvelling at it.

This dwarf also has a story. I received it as a birthday gift in 2002, a joke that I deeply enjoyed. Actually it’s a birthday gift that I shared with my ex boyfriend and when I left, I left the garden dwarf, Gringoire. I thought he had left the house with him. Gringoire must be far less shiny now and his colours must have worn off a bit. I’ll see soon.

Update 05sep2007: Indeed, far less shiny with worn out colours, but it’s Gringoire, all right!

My garden dwarf and I

My garden dwarf and I

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