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Arcturus, la géante rouge

24 Jul

Vlad montrait à notre fils les étoiles dans le ciel, ce soir, notamment Arcturus du Bouvier, une étoile rouge, puisqu’au crépuscule on la voyait déjà.

Ça m’a rappelé une anecdote qui est suffisamment farfelue pour que je vous la conte.

Quand toute jeune fille j’ai découvert qu’Arcturus était une étoile rouge en fin de vie, je me suis intéressée à la vie des étoiles, et à cette étoile en particulier, un peu comme si je lisais sa biographie. Même longtemps après l’avoir découverte, je l’observais souvent les soirs d’été, je lisais à son sujet, j’essayais d’imaginer la petitesse relative de notre énorme soleil à côté d’Arcturus, etc.

Alors qu’un soir je travaillais tard et que j’étais fatiguée, j’ai été prise d’angoisse : était-elle devenue une géante rouge ?!

Il me fallait quitter le bureau d’urgence, filer à mon point d’observation favori et vérifier si Arcturus était devenue une géante rouge. Et je l’ai fait. J’ai même couru après m’être garée, des fois qu’elle s’éteigne pendant le temps qu’il me fallait pour dépasser les arbres qui me bouchaient le vue.

Eh bien je me suis retrouvée fort aise de la voir à sa place, bien orange, et scintillant de ses -0,04 de magnitude apparente, tranquille, ne montrant aucun signe d’explosion.

Je me suis également retrouvée bien bête d’avoir cédé à la panique, parce que franchement, je savais que c’était impossible qu’en 24 heures elle devienne une géante rouge.

J’ai bien ri. J’en ris encore. C’était il y a plus de 10 ans, et ce soir Arcturus était encore bien là, toujours la même.

The power of hypnosis

9 Apr
Hypnosis was a discussion topic at work the other day. I once blogged about how hypnosis had failed to help me with snowphobia. This was an epic session and funny, come to think of it. But I never wrote about the power of hypnosis. And I am now, because I was once successfully hypnotised.

It was some time during the summer of 1999, during a family vacation in Crete. The family of my boyfriend of the time. His father’s occupation was psychologist with a skill for hypnosis. I was regularly plagued with massive headaches. I had tried to cut down on coffee without visible effects. He offered to try hypnosis on me and I agreed. I don’t recall very much of the session.

He made me lay on a bed in a quiet room and he sat on a chair next to me. He made me close my eyes and listen to him. He said I wouldn’t fall asleep but the state I would be in would be very close. He said I would remember everything. It was true, but I gradually forgot, years after years.

I think is lasted less than a half hour. Near the end, he said my headaches were taken care of. He added they may return and if they did, we were about to work on how to make them go away. He instructed me to think of one word, and to remember it. Then the session was over. I went back to performing my vacation activities, a little dubious.

I didn’t have a single headache for many months and when I had one, it wasn’t massive like before, and it was rare.

As to the magic word that he made me think of —a word that I invented at the time— it still works even today. I don’t have to say it, I just have to think of it, say it in my head, and the headache disappears within seconds. It’s wonderful.

I saw Eve today

2 Feb
I saw Eve today. After all these years. I saw her only briefly, in passing, enough that she flashed her luminous, genuine smile. She’s still so beautiful, of course. If I were a man, I’d be in love with Eve.

She is smart and friendly, elegant, at ease in every circumstance, she’s successful and she smiles all the time. She has an incredible presence. Wherever she is, people seem connected to her, basking in her charisma, breathing and speaking according to her. And wherever she was, people wonder where the magic has gone, not unhappy, just back from a reality which was different, almost dream-like.

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