MBTI en famille

I found a French version of the MBTI test and all those who can speak ;) in this house took the test: Vlad: INTJ (I 50, N 30, T 30, J 10) [Mastermind] Renaud: ESTJ (E 10, S 10, T 20, J 10) [Supervisor] Coralie: ISTJ (I 70, S 70, T 10, J 60) [Inspector]... Continue Reading →

Post-Christmas contemplations

A few reflections that occured to me today: merry post-xmas everybody! there are two windows of direct sun light in our backyard lately:    a little bit before noon and a little bit around 3 p.m. really, I'm a summer creature. it's a great loss that James Brown died yesterday. the one thing I dislike... Continue Reading →

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