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Brain > Language Area > glitch!

9 Mar

I was writing earlier today, and was stuck on something that was too colloquial. So I went to a Web page that does translations.
This is why it’s odd ; I was writing in French. Yet the Web page I had loaded was for French to English translations.

So for my brain what was “colloquial French” was obviously a language different than French. And the default when I’m not writing in French seems to be English [it is the case].

I guess that explains why I loaded the French to English dictionary.

But that was not the end of it. I wrote on IRC that I was stuck with some colloquial French and that I couldn’t find any good English equivalent. A colleague offered a few silly stuff and a valid suggestion.

Only when I returned to my draft with that English suggestion did I realise that the language was French.

Odd, isn’t it?

How many times you can change the first letter of a name and still have a name?

3 Mar
I have been working hard and am now in much need of a break. This assignment I’m working on makes my brain hurt. So much that for the past hour, I’ve been wandering from one butterfly to the other. I may as well blog, and then go back to the assignment.

The other day on TV there was a character which name I couldn’t quite make out. She was either a “Dina” or a “Tina”. That made me think how the suffix “ina” could fit with numerous consonants:


“Ina” is also an existing first name.

I’ve always been somewhat interested by language stuff. However not enough to know how it is called.

I remember as a teenager how I realised with wonder that “aude” was similar to “claude” and “maude” and how all of them could be transformed into “audine”, “claudine”, “maudine” and still sound nice.

What kind of yardworker are you?

31 May
Sometimes yardworking is no bed of Roses. And sometimes, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. What kind of yarkworker are you? The kind to

Beat around the bush?
Shake like a leaf?
Hold out an olive branch?
Nip in the bud?
Go the whole nine yards?
Dig the dirt?
Not let the grass grow under your feet?
Be out of your tree?
Not see the wood for the trees?

And when you’re done, do you come out smelling of roses?

E pericoloso sposersi

29 May
Many years ago I remember someone often said “E pericoloso sposersi” and laughed. I asked what it meant and was told it was a pun in Italian and that it meant that it was dangerous to get married.

I didn’t understand why it was dangerous to get married, nor did I understand what was laughable about it. But nevermind, as the adult world was still very foreign to me.

Years later I was in an Italian train and spotted a notice by a window: “E pericoloso sporgersi” which meant it was dangerous to lean out of the window. Aha. Now it made sense!

However the mystery remains ; what made this person often say “E pericoloso sposersi” and laugh? Perhaps he had an omnipresent wife…

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