Inktober 2020 days 6-10

Day 6: “Rodent”

No mice or rats, and not even gerbils could rival with the itch to interpret a Moebius piece! And since the prompt that day was not giant lizard, I drew a giant squirrel mounted by a desert traveler, using a 0.05 mm black Graphik line maker from Derwent.

Day 7: “Fancy”

Ah, the first prompt that was abstract. I don’t mind them too much but they are a bit of a challenge, giving me a “deer in headlights” feeling. So I looked in my library of saved images and searched something striking my fancy, ha ha. Audrey Hepburn in a fancy dress! I noticed that I drew her head too wide, or her body too small, but couldn’t correct it. Oh well. I used a 0.05 mm black Graphik line maker from Derwent and a black Brushpen by Pentel.

Day 8: “Teeth”

I initially wanted to draw a laughing horse. Or the smiling shark of “Finding Nemo”. I settled for a roaring gorilla that I did in a few minutes, because I could block only little time, and used once again a 0.05 mm black Graphik line maker from Derwent.

Day 9: “Throw”

I found a beautiful reference photo of judokas and quickly drew it, straight with ink like the others in the series, and botched the left arm of the judoka being thrown, as a result! I used again a 0.05 mm black Graphik line maker from Derwent, and filled the large black areas with the black Pentel Brushpen.

Day 10: “Hope”

Second abstract prompt! But this time there were several themes I considered: a message in a floating bottle, a plant growing out of dry caked desert soil, people of different races holding hands (although I had no idea how I was going to draw this). Finally I chose to draw dandelion seeds flying away as birds. It was more meaningful to me than the other themes, because a friend of mine once told me this was the tattoo her sister had gotten around the time her eldest daughter left home. Children are our hope.

Inktober 2020 days 1-5

It’s the fifth year in a row I’m doing Inktober. Rules are simple: A different prompt every day. Use ink. Enjoy. Learn new techniques, or not.

Some choose to not use any prompt. I prefer to, because I would not know what to draw most days. Some create their own prompts, or follow different thematic prompts. I prefer to stick to those proposed by Inktober creator Jake Parker because I find it easier.

I was ambivalent at first and nearly did not participate this year, but the day before, Virginie G. nudged me and another artist she follows, and I sensed she needed not to be alone doing it. I was in.

It’s the second year I’ve been using some of the supplies from my monthly Sketchbox subscription, except the Pentel Brushpen, which I have had for decades. Without further ado, here are the first five:

Day 1: “Fish”

Studio Ghibli inspired piece. Done using a sepia ink drawing pen from Kuretake Zig, and Uni Emott pens in pink-red and yellow.

Day 2: “Wisp”

A Disney character: Hades. I used a grey ink cartoonist brush pen from Kuretake Zig, and my beloved black ink Brushpen by Pentel.

Day 3: “Bulky”

Awkward big baby elephant sitting on a rock. I used a fine brush dipped in walnut ink, and a Pentel black ink Brushpen.

Day 4: “Radio”

The prompt didn’t inspire my very much. I looked for radio images in DuckDuckGo and copied the first vintage radio I found, using a 0.05 mm black ink Graphik line maker from Derwent.

Day 5: “Blade”

My first thought of course was to draw a samurai. I love samurais! I’ve drawn dozens of them but never drew ice skates before. Using negative space for the cloud of ice was a challenge and it would have been much better in graphite, pencil or charcoal. But it’s neither graphitober, penciltober nor charcoaltober. It’s Inktober, so I used a 0.05 mm black ink Graphik line maker from Derwent, and a Pentel Brushpen to fill the larger black areas.

Inktober 2019 Days 26-31

Day 26: “Dark

Dark is back! In this piece a man wanders at the end of a wooden pier, toward a source of light among the darkness and the fog, where a flock of birds seem to gravitate. I used and blended my grey ink brush pen from Kuretake and black ink Pentel Brushpen, and black 0.05 mm Uni Pin pen.

Day 27: “Coat”

Japanese inspired piece, it had been a little while :) I draw an elegant woman wearing a delicate coat adorned with flowers, her hair made traditionally like geishas. I used a grey ink brush pen from Kuretake for the background and shading, and a 0.05 mm black Uni Pin pen.

Day 28: “Ride”

Going not too far from Japan, this is a Vietnamese scene where a dreamy-looking young woman is (bareback) riding a buffalo. I used the grey ink brush pen from Kuretake, green ink brush pen by Sketchbox and indigo ink Cambio brush pen by Kuretake. The outline was done with a 0.05 mm black Uni Pin pen. I really like how it came out.

Day 29: “Injured”

And we’re back in medieval Japan with two sword fighters in action, one transpercing the other. I started with my black Pentel Brushpen for broad strokes to give movement, and then for finer detail, and added grey ink using a brush pen from Kuretake. It took me merely a few minutes.

Day 30: “Catch”

Other than the kid’s face, I am very happy with this piece. Little boy jumping, mitt in hand, and legs spread wide apart. I used a grey ink brush pen from Kuretake and black ink Pentel Brushpen. The outline was done using a 0.05 mm black Uni Pin pen.

Day 31: “Ripe”

After “Tasty”, the second abstract prompt of the month is “Ripe”. Someone over at Inktober 2019 headquarters really was hungry! As with “Tasty”, my piece for “Ripe” was rather uninteresting: peaches. The minimal drawing focused (badly) on shading using dots and some hatching. I used a black 0.05 mm Uni Pin pen.