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1 Nov
It was fun to do inktober this year in between a conference, preparing for a full week of meetings, during that week and after. I didn’t spend a lot of time on each drawing and wasn’t too ambitious with selection of subjects. But then, the prompt list was a challenge most days, as it shows in many cases. I’ve done several of the drawings in a bar, a restaurant, a train, a hotel room, a plane.

Since I was on the move most of the month, I carried only the essential: I’ve used a small sketchbook again (10×15 cm) and a selection of Uniball pin pen 0.05, Pentel black brushpen, Muji black brushpen, watercolour once and some calligraphy inks once (at home).

Inktober 2018 prompt list

Moebius monolith & blond Narcissus

9 Jun
Both of these Moebius illustrations, that I had seen at the exhibition in Toulon, were done on bristol paper, 82×128 mm, using alcohol ink Brushmarkers and Promarkers.


Sepia ink with nib for the outline of the Moebius bust monolith, and warm grey markers:

Uni-ball pin pens (thin and really thin), and coloured alcohol ink markers for the blond Narcissus:

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