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Recette : Filets de poisson en papillote, au curry et lait de coco

22 Jan
Filets de poisson curry et coco en papillotes, pour 4.
Préparation : 15 minutes.
Cuisson : 20 minutes.

baked fish with carrot, green bean and rice

baked fish with carrot, green bean and rice

Ingrédients :
4 filets de poisson (merlu, cabillaud, etc.)
160 g de riz basmati
4 poignées de haricots verts extra-fins
2 carottes
200 ml de lait de coco
Curry, sel, ail moulu

Préparation :
1. Cuire 5 minutes le riz, et séparément les haricots et les carottes en lamelles.
2. Dans chaque papillote d’aluminium, déposer un fond de riz, disposer deux lamelles de carottes, une couche de haricots. Verser un fond de lait de coco. Saler, saupoudrer de curry.
3. Déposer les filets de poisson, saupoudrer de curry, de sel et d’ail. Disposer deux lamelles de carottes.
4. Garnir le riz restant autour des filets et recouvrir le riz du reste de haricots. Verser le reste du lait de coco sur les filets et autour.
5. Fermer les papillotes et enfourner 12 minutes à 180ºC, et 8 minutes à 210ºC.

Et voilà !

Crêpes: la technique de roulage évolue

28 Feb

Grande amatrice de crêpes, il m’a tenu à coeur de faire évoluer la technique. [« faire évoluer la technique » est une expression tirée de la fabuleuse série télévisée Kaamelott, où Perceval et Karadoc ont à coeur de faire évoluer les techniques.]

  • Etalez votre mélange favori sur votre crêpe. Moi, typiquement, je tartine une couche de nutella et je saupoudre une petite quantité de sucre en poudre (pour le croustillant).
  • Rabattez un pan de crêpe au tiers. Rabattez l’autre pan au tiers, de manière à obtenir une bande de la hauteur de la crêpe et d’un tiers de sa taille en largeur.
  • Roulez votre crêpe dans le sens de la hauteur.
  • Croquez comme un nem.


Il n’y a *que* des avantages:

  1. Meilleure prise en main. Une seule main suffit à la manipuler.
  2. Pas de fuite. Votre mélange est sécurisé dans votre crêpe bien hermétique.
  3. La coupe transversale est fort jolie à regarder. (Il y en a pour qui ça compte).
  4. Gain de temps. Temps de roulage légèrement supérieur au roulage ou pliage classique. Par contre, en temps de consommation, vous serez incontestablement plus rapide. Ce qui vous permet au final de baffrer une plus grande quantité de crêpes.

Voilà, vous m’en direz des nouvelles.
Mise à jour 2015 : My friend Daniel translated this post into English

Mise à jour 2017: La recette des crêpes minutes !

Crêpes minute (12 à 15 crêpes)

  • farine: 250 g
  • œufs: 3
  • lait: 800 ml
  • sel: 1 pincée

Tu mélanges d’abord bien le lait et les œufs, puis tu incorpores en mélangent au fouet la farine et le sel, petit à petit, pour que ça épaississe sans grumeau.

MBTI en famille

12 Jun
I found a French version of the MBTI test and all those who can speak ;) in this house took the test:

Vlad: INTJ (I 50, N 30, T 30, J 10) [Mastermind]
Renaud: ESTJ (E 10, S 10, T 20, J 10) [Supervisor]
Coralie: ISTJ (I 70, S 70, T 10, J 60) [Inspector]

That makes an absolute majority of TJs, a majority of Is and Ss, and an absolute minority of E.
I wonder what Amy would say about our results ;) (I hold Amy to be *the* MBTI specialist, although she would humbly deny it).

Words that I didn’t know 9 months ago

7 Dec
Nine months ago, I had no idea that the words meconium, vernix or colostrum existed. I knew about labour, epidural, delivery, but the notions were very abstract.

My son is now fast asleep. We’ve been back home for a week. The hospital kept us for 6 long days ; Adrien had lost more than the usual 10% of his birth weight. He was born on 23 November at 7:37 p.m., 13 days ago. That was less than a half hour after they took me to the delivery room and an hour after we arrived at the hospital. There was no time for an epidural, as I made it all the way to 9 centimeters by the time I got there. I thought I might have the baby in the car! We left home in a hurry. It was time to go, suddenly, as the contractions were happening every two minutes. All day I had had them, every 10 or 15 minutes, sometimes every 5 minutes, but not for two hours. I had had them the night before too. In fact, they started in the afternoon the day before. I was attending the last birth preparation class and I started to experience contractions in the middle of it.

I had a wonderful and easy pregnancy. I was hardly tired and the only nuisance, really, was having to go to the doctor’s every month. Only three weeks before the end did I start to walk at a slower pace. I was still at work 2 weeks before the end (only I thought I would have three weeks).

Adrien arrived a week in advance, on 23 November 2007, at 7:37 pm. He weighed 2,990 kg and was 49,5 cm tall. His father held my hand and encouraged me through it all. And since then, he’s been as fantastic as ever, helping me and supporting me with the baby.

An unbelievable coincidence

29 Aug

On the way to lunch yesterday, I was chatting with a colleague and learnt she’s moving house this Friday to a tiny town I used to live in back in 2004. Pretty soon in the conversation we found out she’s moving exactly in the house I was in! How odd is that?!

I found out that my yucca is still there, healthy, right in front of the living room windows. I had inherited this yucca years ago, in 2000, I think, when a former W3C colleague left for the US and A. This yucca followed me in all the houses I’ve been in since then (5 different houses) and I left it in the garden of this house when I left. It was obviously in an ideal spot. When my ex moved out of the house a few months ago, he didn’t have the heart to unearth the yucca. My colleague will take good care of it, I’m certain.

I also found out that my garden dwarf is still there! Well, it’s now in the basement and she’s more than happy to give it back to me. What a coincidence! I’m still marvelling at it.

This dwarf also has a story. I received it as a birthday gift in 2002, a joke that I deeply enjoyed. Actually it’s a birthday gift that I shared with my ex boyfriend and when I left, I left the garden dwarf, Gringoire. I thought he had left the house with him. Gringoire must be far less shiny now and his colours must have worn off a bit. I’ll see soon.

Update 05sep2007: Indeed, far less shiny with worn out colours, but it’s Gringoire, all right!

My garden dwarf and I

My garden dwarf and I

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