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New art: Fujiwara, 38th station of the Tōkaidō (Kyoka edition), by Ando Hiroshige

9 Jan

Fujiwara, 38th station of the Kyoka edition of 53 stations of the Tōkaidō, by Ando #Hiroshige
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Hiroshige’s ‘Cherry trees at Goten-Yama’

10 Jun
This is Cherry Trees at Goten Hill, from the series Twelve Views of Edo, done around 1835 by Hiroshige:
After sketching in pencil, I used a 0.05 mm and 0.2 mm (for the closest sailboats) Uni-ball pin pen to create the outline:
Then I used watercolor. Light grey for the sky, green for the grassy hill:
I added the roofs from wooden shacks right behind the hill, as I decided I wanted them. Then I continued painting, adding burnt sienna to my grey mix for the roofs, and using a wash of Prussian blue for the sea:
I darkened the sienna and grey mix to add contrast to the roofs, started to paint the figures in grey and light ochre. For the cherry blossom, I used alizarin crimson:
I ended up applying too much dark sienna to the roofs, that I couldn’t fix and darkened the figures as well. More alizarin crimson for contrast in the blossoms, and I was done:
Then I cut it and taped it to a metallic blue card, and was ready to write the birthday card for a friend:

#sketches: Easter special, Hiroshige’s “Rabbits and the Moon”, 1849-53

19 Apr

Happy Easter, everyone! I drew Hiroshige’s “Rabbits and the Moon”, 1849-53, on iPad mini again, using ArtRage. It took a few hours. Below is a big version (2048×1536).

Hiroshige's Rabbits and the Moon, 1849-53

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