All of my Drawvember 2020 drawings

Last year I did six series of 5 drawings on a given theme or technique and I really liked it, but this year I compiled a list of prompts, and chose any medium or technique I liked: DragonRobotFurCherubCarnivalPreyPyramidCraneDivingPounce BuccaneerAltitude Shipwreck Zebra DrumsCougar BoatPlanet Sullen Jellyfish MonkeyAngelVanquishDepthVillainLipstickCliffPureElfTower All my drawings in one place Conclusion I loved... Continue Reading →

Drawvember 2020 days 26-30

This series concludes this year’s Drawvember! I really really enjoyed myself. I was looking forward to it every day. I also discovered that gouache is a favourite. I used to be terrified of it and of paint in general, but not too much anymore. Day 26: “Lipstick” My friend Amy made me discover René Gruau... Continue Reading →

Drawvember 2020 days 21-25

Day 21: “Monkey” My friend Amy shared with me a collage she created in Photoshop in her wonderful Wallpaper series, featuring a monkey silhouette. I found it beautiful and set out to reproduce it. I used exclusively gouache paint, from the few Holbein Artists tubes that I received in one of the Sketchboxes. I mixed... Continue Reading →

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