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#sketch: Japanese woman at Stata Center

27 Sep

A Japanese woman from another century walks on a path in front of the Ray and Maria Stata Center.

Made on iPad mini between June and September 2014, using ArtRage.

Japanese woman at Stata Center, Jun-Sep 2014

#sketch: Hiroshige’s “Dragon In Clouds”, 1830-1839

14 Jun

I drew Hiroshige’s “Dragon In Clouds, 1830-1839” on iPad mini, using ArtRage. I started it last month flying back from San Francisco and finished it last week (again in planes!) during my trip to Boston.

I’m not overly happy with it. I struggled with the tools, unable to find the right brush, the right setting; even with the colours I struggled! I’m posting it for closure. There.

Hiroshige's Dragon In Clouds, 1830-1839

#sketch: Hiroshige’s “Small Owl on Camelia Branch”, Edo period

2 May

I drew Hiroshige’s “Small Owl on Camelia Branch”, Edo period, on iPad mini, using ArtRage. It took a few hours in our Zurich – San Francisco flight on April 21. Below is a big version (2048×1536).

Hiroshige's Small Owl on Camelia Branch, Edo period

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