Rentrée épique au lycée

La première rentrée d'Adrien au lycée hier fut totalement épique. On avait le train à 7h07 depuis la gare qui est à 12 minutes à pied de la maison. Le papa d'Adrien, lui, devait prendre le même train 7 minutes avant à sa gare locale. On est partis un poil en retard car Adrien a... Continue Reading →

#3 The foundations of humane technology: Minimizing harmful consequences

Externalities "Our economic activity is causing the death of the living planet and economists say, 'Yeah, yeah, that's an environmental externality.' There's something profoundly wrong with our theories if we're dismissing or just happy to label the death of the living planet as an externality." Kate Raworth, “renegade economist” Negative externalities are unaccounted side effects... Continue Reading →

Day-to-day work at W3C

An author for IEEE asked me last week, for an article he’s writing, for a high level introduction to the World Wide Web Consortium, and what its day-to-day work looks like. Most of the time when we get asked, we pull from boilerplate descriptions, and/or from the website, and send a copy-paste and links. It... Continue Reading →

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