I'm still in between feeling ashamed and being OK about having crashed and burned at work. I'm recovering from a burnout that was long in coming and even the recovery is long in coming! Manifestation The few signs which undoubtedly called my attention to the fact that I was burning out were: Scattered thoughts and... Continue Reading →

Day-to-day work at W3C

An author for IEEE asked me last week, for an article he’s writing, for a high level introduction to the World Wide Web Consortium, and what its day-to-day work looks like. Most of the time when we get asked, we pull from boilerplate descriptions, and/or from the website, and send a copy-paste and links. It... Continue Reading →

L’histoire de mon pseudo

Je n’ai pas choisi mon pseudo, mais quand on l’a trouvé pour moi, je l’ai adopté. Retournons vingt-trois ans en arrière. En 1999, j’entame un nouveau job dans un endroit connu : l’INRIA Sophia Antipolis où j’ai effectué quelques mois auparavant un remplacement de six mois dans un projet cool qui fait de la simulation... Continue Reading →

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