#3 The foundations of humane technology: Minimizing harmful consequences

Externalities "Our economic activity is causing the death of the living planet and economists say, 'Yeah, yeah, that's an environmental externality.' There's something profoundly wrong with our theories if we're dismissing or just happy to label the death of the living planet as an externality." Kate Raworth, “renegade economist” Negative externalities are unaccounted side effects... Continue Reading →

#1 The foundations of humane technology: setting the stage

Setting the stage (notes from 2022-07-10) "The real problem of humanity is the following: we have paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions; and god-like technology."Dr. E.O. Wilson, Sociobiologist Looking at the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, which of these goals are most important to you? Which challenges represented by these goals have you experienced personally (directly or indirectly)?... Continue Reading →

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