Quick, a computer exorcist!

The fact that I find this irrationally funny is worrisome. Don't worry; I already do.Someone's computer (Rigo's) goes berserk and gives darobin concerns. So, this made me laugh out loud: [...] 2012-09-25T10:59:04Z <rigo> 2012-09-25T10:59:06Z <rigo> 2012-09-25T10:59:10Z <rigo> 2012-09-25T10:59:11Z <rigo> 2012-09-25T10:59:15Z <rigo> 2012-09-25T10:59:17Z <rigo> 2012-09-25T10:59:19Z <rigo> 2012-09-25T10:59:21Z <rigo> 2012-09-25T10:59:24Z <rigo> 2012-09-25T10:59:25Z <rigo> 2012-09-25T10:59:27Z <rigo> 2012-09-25T10:59:29Z <rigo>... Continue Reading →

Chatting with a bot

We use several IRC bots at work, and this is what happens when sometimes they interrupt a conversation, out of the blue (we, humans, usually invoke them with triggers, none of which I knew I typed). This bit has only my side of the conversation, and I chose to leave out all context as it... Continue Reading →

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