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Everybody is a nanny

21 Dec
I had a rough night as the baby was fussy. After hours of holding and cuddling he fell asleep in my arms and I didn’t dare take him to his bed.

I fell asleep with him and I had this dream that we were grocery shopping and that strangers around me were nannies.

I was riding the bus to the grocery store. As soon as I was out of the house I had forgotten what I needed from the store. But I stayed on the bus and then went in the store. I picked stuff from the shelves, selected fruits and vegetables, wondering what it was I had meant to get, and not remembering.

Then I noticed a woman was holding and gently rocking a baby next to me, and it was my baby. I thanked her for holding him for me and took him from her. We took the bus to go back home. I looked in my bags and realised I had forgotten to get some basic items. As the bus route was a short one, we would be back to the store pretty soon. I waited.

A baby sound caught my attention in my back and I turned to see a man was smiling at me, holding my baby. I smiled back, thanked him for his kindness and took the baby back with me.

The dream carried on, much like what it had been so far. We were back in the store, I noticed a new person was holding Adrien while I was quickly shopping. Then back on the bus where a new nanny was suddenly sitting next to me and handing me the baby, just as I had realised I had forgotten to get stuff. And I woke up to the sound of Adrien crying (and warming up to wail…). Just like now, in fact.

Nobody talked in this dream, but me. And there was no other sound other than my voice and that of Adrien.

Dream of a new skin

30 Aug
I had this bizarre little dream last night that Chaals was giving me access to a download website for bootleg Opera skins :) …bootleg skins… /me shakes head…

And it was bright orange and he insisted it was *the* skin to get and that I would get used to it and grow to love it :) …bright orange… it totally clashes with the Opera red… /me shakes head…

I woke up amused and thought I hadn’t changed the skin of Opera in ages (I still haven’t, mind you, I don’t really see the need or amusement to change my environment aspect –quite the contrary, I like it to be stable).

Eugénie went for a walk

31 Dec
Impératrice Eugénie et ses dames

Impératrice Eugénie et ses dames

I dreamt of “L’Impératrice Eugénie parmi ses dames d’honneur” by Winterhalter (1855), that I know because there’s a small reproduction in my parents’ dining room.

The Empress Eugénie was having a nice and quiet afternoon with her friends from the palace, sitting in the beautiful and shady garden in Compiègne.

I could hear their educated, sophisticated and subdued conversations. Two were laughing lightly, another was humming a song, one was lost in the contemplation of flowers, two were whispering secrets, two were undecided as to which conversation to follow, and the empress was rather bored. I was on my way to the kitchen and wasn’t paying attention to them.

On my way back to my room, something was missing.
The Empress Eugénie had left.
I guessed she had gone for a solitary walk.

Dream of jail

2 Apr

[This post originally appeared in Dullicious, where I blogged as Barbie-dull for several years.]

In the dream, a thief had already been to jail and either he had escaped and they were looking for him, or he had done again something wrong. They were looking for him. And I knew him. Or I had known him.

I remembered the first time in jail, I had visited him and had been allowed to stay overnight in his cell. It was situated at the end of a long and grey-green corridor, the last cell on the right. The walls were grey-green too. There was a window with a view on a pine forest below. The cell was shaped like an upside-down L, with the bed on the right and a shower area is the small part of the L.

So they had found him again and I was in the middle of it for an unknown reason, I was taken with the police everywhere they went. I didn’t much like it. A group of policemen had taken him back to the jail and I was in the group with the inspectors and we were on our way to the jail.

It seems that all of the above was some background information and that the dream really started with a pursuit in a dark and long tunnel. I don’t know who are pursuing me or who I am pursuing. I am running and there is a flashlight illuminating the way. I know I am not alone. We run faster than horses because we pass 3 or 4 of them.

In the next scene, we are in the prison, probably the top floor, and the corridor seems endless and less lit than I would like. It’s very broad but quite low ceilinged. On our way we pass in front of open rooms on the left and right and they are hospital rooms. In the corridor we pass in front of people idly looking from their wheelchairs.

We’re almost at the end of the corridor and I see light coming from the cell on the right at the far end. The light seeping through is light green, as I remembered. The inspector made me walk in front or I took the lead, I don’t know.

I enter the room and it has changed since the last time. It is still grey-green. The bed on the right is gone. The room is empty. They have done a paint job. There used to be some mould in some places.

All of a sudden, the thief is here, there is a bed on the right, along the wall, as there used to be. And I am not suprised to see him appearing like that. I have not seen him in a while and yet we don’t seem to be encountering each other awkwardly.

Then I notice a girl in the same cell, there is mould on the walls in some place and her back is facing me as she is kneeling on the grey-green painted floor in the shower area. The inspectors are no longer in the cell and the door is closed. I am the thief and I look at her. She has long brown hair covering her back. I suspect her back is bare under her hair. Just below her hair, I see her underwear. She turns her head on the right and looks at me. There is hostility in her eyes. I know we share the cell and I know we’ve had sex in the past and it was good.

In the next scene I am on her and she struggles a little. Not for long. I place her on the bed, on her hands and knees and I am behind her and her panty is gone and she is no longer struggling at all…


18 Feb

[This post originally appeared in Dullicious, where I blogged as Barbie-dull for several years.]

I love to fly. I am a boy. Harry Potter, I think, because he’s the only flying hero I can identify to.

I fly in all kinds of marvelous places but essentially above imaginary mountains that erupt at the top of a lush forest that I don’t have much interest in when I fly.

The mountains are tall peaks and are cinnamon coloured. There is a monastery at the top and a very long, narrow and winding path with stairs between the forest and the monastery. I am so glad I fly. I seldom follow the path because I don’t need to. I soar right up instead. And I’m taken by the view. I usually find myself gradually flying down and it’s not my destination. I catch myself and fly to the monastery, beyond the monastery and I circle it, slowly, quietly, still going up. There isn’t much activity that I can see happening down there. For instance, I have never seen any monk.

At the bottom of the forest there is a plain and farther away, in three directions, there is an ocean. This place can’t be bothered with the noise, smells and commotion of a city. This is what I like about it. I follow sea gulls, or not. I follow the winds, or not.

Today I entered the property of a wealthy neighbour near dusk. I often treat myself viewing the sunset from there. There are many people on the grounds, in the dependencies, near the stables. I could take off anywhere and fly above them unnoticed but I can’t resist. Maybe I am transparent, or very clever, or they are not easily surprised; I have never been noticed. Plus there is this perfect spot for take-off just in a little clearing they have between a wood and a lake.

I am not yet quite proficient and I brush the top of the trees in the wood every time I take the direction of the valley. I think I like it, in fact. Scratching myself a little in flexible branches doesn’t matter; I can fly!

The sunset was dazzling and it quickly turned to a captivating twilight. In the valley there are fields of crops and farms, a broad, shallow and lazy river, more fields and farms and there are cliffs and below them the ocean for a short while. In the bay there is an island. It’s like an oversized tortoise. A very green one. I think it used to be a volcano many many centuries ago.

I glided happily, drawing forms or letters idly. It was becoming dark and I was getting tired. I landed in a clearing and then I walked. How mundane and slow and unexciting.

Could I fly a little more? I would need to choose a proper spot to take-off lest I crash and get caught in the woods this time. I would need to pump my legs to rise higher because when I’m tired, thinking is not enough fuel. There is an orange and reddish light from further down in the valley, I must see that. I know where to take off. I arrange my bags so that they don’t hinder me and secure my scarf around my neck.

I barely scratch my feet, pump my legs and soon the spectacle of the valley reveals itself to me. The crops are glowing, some a deep pumpkin orange, others a luminous creamy colour, some cherry red and others velvety burgundy and crimson, the fields boundaries are illuminated too, a succession of flickering stars, it seems. I have never seen such a festival. Maybe they are celebrating autumn.

I have a camera and I awkwardly fish it from my bag. I had never thought of taking photos, I wonder why. I select the proper setting and press the button. I’m not flying steadily enough for taking a clear photo. That’s a shame because my legs are now too sore from pumping and I must proceed to an emergency landing.

I fly around a little wood, hover over some ruins where I hear two men having an intense and very foreign conversation. I will not be able to fly much longer and I hope their only focus will be on their heated argument. I land, much less noisily than I expected. I make a quick escape from the grounds, the sound from the important conversation fading rapidly.

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