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7 Mar
I like that the rolling paper I use is OCB and that it also stands for “Obsessive Compulsive Behavior”.

Update: OCB is an acronym for Odet-Cascadec-Bolloré

Let’s roll

6 Oct
Mid-August, I started to roll my own cigarettes. Some might say it remains a bad habit. Yes, of course it’s a bad habit!
Anyway, that is not the point.

I smoke less than before and I’m happy about it. Less means about 4 times less.


16 Jul
I hate paper. I love books. It’s the one waste of paper that I agree with. But I really dislike paper letters (except for love letters, of course), pamphlets, brochures, junkmail and so on.

In May 2004, I think, I stopped opening my personal mail. It piled. I sorted it by sender or categories. I trashed what was junk every now and then. At the end of the year I moved. I brought my piles of mail with me. I got more mail and I stored it. Later I moved. I brought my piles with me. I sorted again. Every now and then I needed something that had been sent to me. I spent a fair share looking in boxes and piles, or suitcases for that very pile of mail I thought I’d find what I was looking for. I lost documents, naturally.

Since I stopped opening my mail, I have moved 6 or 7 times. My piles always followed me. Piles in a box, more piles bundled in files, others in plastic bags, and of course some piles are in plastic bags that are bundled in files that are in boxes. If only I remembered where these were…

One of these days I will do like I said: find them, open them, sort them, be a good girl. Then, I’ll have to open them as they come.

My company is fortunate I’m a good girl when I treat business mail.

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