I drew again in my small sketchbook Canson art book universal (14×21 cm / 4×6 in), using individually or together a black Pentel brushpen, Kuretake fudegokochi black pen, Sakura Pigma Micron 003 black fine liner (very very fine), Kuretake light grey Brush Writer, and a white brush pen which doesn’t work too well anymore.

For the first time since I started doing the challenge every year in 2016, I have missed days because I didn’t like these prompts. In fact it’s the first time in those seven years that I found the list mostly terrible.

Official prompt list for this year

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I am ♀, W3C staff since early 99, mum of a ♂since late 07.

5 thoughts on “#inktober2022”

  1. Tu as bien eu raison de ne faire que ce qui te plaisait, il y a de bien belles choses. Et c’est moi ou le dessin est plus libre qu’avant ?


    1. Merci ma Vero ☺️
      J’ignore si le dessin est plus libre qu’avant. J’ai rien fait différemment, et si c’est comme le reste, je me vois pas évoluer. Alors je te crois !


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