Flickr stats: me wins, my photos lose, meh

Screenshot of the Flickr app

What my top-five most viewed photos tell me is that I should have been a model in my early thirties rather than a wannabe photographer.

I have been using Flickr since 2005.

Well, I have not used it for several years now, and I think I just understood why:

The most viewed pictures are almost entirely pictures I posted where I take center stage. They are part of the story I told about me on this platform, but they are not photos I took. (Although I did a series of self portraits in a dusty mirror which are of me, by me.)

But I don’t use the platform to show myself (that’s what Instagram is about, right? And I left that one already), as much as to showcase my photography at the same time as I photo-document bits of my life.

The only photo where I am not, among the top five, is a byproduct of its title being the same as a porn site (a coincidence, which I blogged about in 2006 when I figured out why it was my most popular photo), or maybe it was a swingers club.

I think I will find out how much longer the pro membership I paid is, and find an exit strategy for all of my photos on this platform. There is appetite for how I was about 10 years ago more than there is appetite for the stuff I want to show, much to my dismay.

2 thoughts on “Flickr stats: me wins, my photos lose, meh

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  1. So sad, what’s been happening to Flickr for the past few years… The last announcement looks like the nail in the coffin.

    I will lose a lot of descriptions, comments, notes and metadata just because I don’t have the time nor the patience to export, transform and store everything somewhere else :/ So much personal history, to the trash.

    There just isn’t a good alternative out there, is there?


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