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New art: “Stuck in the city, dreaming of open spaces” diptych

10 Jan

“Stuck in the city, dreaming of open spaces” diptych.
I borrowed the first image to the so very talented @tomhaugomat.
(Third piece with acrylic paint markers – I am loving it.)
#paintmarkers #acrylicpainting #acrylicmarkers #art, January 10, 2021 at 07:04PM.

New art: (updated) Art Deco ad for Herkules Bier from the 1930s

10 Jan

I fixed several proportion problems that became obvious the next day 🙃

Experimenting with acrylic paint markers.
This is after an Art Deco ad for Herkules Bier from the 1930s.
#paintmarkers #acrylicpainting #herkulesbier #propagandagraphics #artdeco #art, January 10, 2021 at 11:45AM.

I was researching this particular ad to learn more about its history and who created it but I didn’t find a lot of hits. However I was glad I found a review someone wrote about an Art Deco book that features this image. Here’s the comical thing they say about it:

“On page 89 is an ad for Herkules Bier “aus dem Hasenbrau-Augsburg.” The sinister, leviathanic, muscle-bound, fist-clenched figure uses one of the hallmarks of Art Deco—deep shadow to enhance contrast—to convey a message as self-contradictory as it is threatening: Drink this and it won’t go to your belly, it will build the muscle of Germany. Rage is power, and watch out you fops of Versailles.”

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