Drawvember 2019 Days 26-30

This last five-day series uses red as highlight color.


I started with red acrylic paint that I applied in a circle with a coarse brush and let it dry. Then I drew the branches and the blossoms, using a white Posca pen on the red paint, and fine black line maker.


Black ink brush pen, red acrylic paint and a touch of mustard coloured paint.


Quick work without any sketch. I used burnt sienna Holbein Artists’ gouache, and a grey ink brush pen from Sketchbox.


Ah, Ganesha. A favourite subject of mine! I’ve drawn it two or so times before so I don’t need any sketch underneath anymore. I used a flat brush and black Sumi ink. The thinner the ink in the brush the more the strokes look like graphite or charcoal, but it’s all brush and ink work! I used a Geranium red ink brush pen from Kuretake for the scarf.


I rarely dislike the stuff I draw or paint but this is a case I do. Badly drawn, badly shaded, it’s not even what I wanted to do but I had to improvise. I used all kinds of grey inks and black ink, and the new Geranium red brush pen from Kuretake that I ordered from Amazon a few days ago.