Drawvember 2019 Days 21-25

25 Nov

In this five-day series, I explored using negative space for the second time. During Inktober this year I used this technique to depict snow and had never been familiar with it.


Black ink Pentel Brushpen and leaf green Holbein Artists’ gouache.

Misty lake

Grey ink brush pen from Kuretake, black ink Pentel Brushpen and water brushpen to blend and create the mist effect.

Nous Toutes

Nous Toutes, after artist Malika Favre. Burnt sienna Holbein Artists’ gouache depicting the silhouette of a woman’s profile with her head down, the back of which is the silhouette of a shouting man’s profile.


Tim Burgess. Lots of black ink! I used a black 0.05 mm Graphik line maker from Derwent and a black ink Pentel Brushpen.


Grey ink brush pen from Kuretake, that I layered in place for shadowing, and a touch of burnt sienna Holbein Artists’ gouache for the stains on the fish.

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