Drawvember 2019 Days 11-15

This series focuses on Japanese men warriors.


Sugegasa (conical straw hat). I used a few warm grey PITT artist brush pens from Faber-Castell, and my black ink Pentel Brushpen.


Young man in cross-legged position, arms folded, head bent and his sword propped between his shoulder and arms. I used a black ink Pentel Brushpen without drawing a sketch first.


I didn’t like how this one turned out :( I painted directly black ink strokes with a coarse brush to create movement, and then added detail with a black ink Pentel Brushpen.


Dueling samurais seen from above. I used a black ink 0.05 mm Graphik line maker from Derwent. I’m not very good at hatching and cross-hatching, but if I ignore that aspect, I like how this one came out.

Musashi vs. Denshichirō at the Rengeōin

This is how I imagine the duel between Musashi and Denshichirō at the Rengeōin (from the Eiji Yoshikawa novels). I really enjoyed doing this piece and love love love how it turned out. I used black ink 0.05 mm Graphik line maker from Derwent, a grey ink brush pen from Kuretake, and black ink Pentel Brushpen.