Kelley Jones’ Batman

I wanted to paint a super hero for my (first) godson's 14 year-old birthday present. He was going to get a real present, of course (grin). I went with a dark and pointy version of Batman by Kelley Jones, reminiscent of a genie out of a bottle.   I wanted to paint the black around... Continue Reading →


In trying to master how to use masking fluid, I painted daisies. Here's the pencil sketch: I poured masking fluid in a small container, added a bit of water and applied it on paper using an old brush: Once the fluid was dry, a used a wash of sap green and another of ultramarine, making... Continue Reading →

Vieux Nice (opus 2)

I complemented Vieux Nice (opus 1) with a particular scene I had in mind.   Pencil sketch on a thick watercolor pad, having delimited the same size as the opus 1 painting: I mixed orange and crimson for the façade that I applied with a large synthetic brush, and wiped paint with less than more... Continue Reading →

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