Reproduction of Hokusai’s ‘Cuckoo & Azalea’

Having put a coat of white paint on a couple wooden boards that were framed and that used to represent some rather ugly and soulless floral representations, I set to reproduce Hokusai’s ‘Cuckoo & Azalea’, some work that I had drawn and colored before (notably using watercolor during Drawvember 2016).


I sketched it rather precisely. We see the texture of the layer of white paint on the wood, as I used a foam paint roller:
Black gouache for the strong strokes on the cuckoo, shades of blue and white gouache for the sky:
Then I painted the bush of azaleas, and used some grey for the shadows on the feathers:
Finally, I used a Pentel black brushpen for the bush outline and the details of leaves and flowers:
Resulting 20×50 cm framed painting:

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