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Reproduction of Moebius’ ‘Le voyage d’Hermès’

9 Jun
Moebius was commissioned by Hermès in 2011 to create nine illustrations for a campaign called Voyage d’Hermès. This is one of those and like the eight others, no Hermès product appeared:
I sketched it on my 30×30 cm watercolor pad:
For the outline I used a 0.05 mm Uni-ball Pin pen:
Then I washed the paper and applied some yellow and a bit of orange:
I continued painting the figure and the bird, the skyline, and started with greens and blues for the wave:

Final version, 30×20 cm:
Gift ready and framed!
A couple days later, I tried a digital version of it which i finished on the same day. Procreate on iPad Pro, 1878×1440 px:
Final result:

Horse and young woman in kimono under Sakura

9 Jun
I found horse and young woman in kimono under Sakura (bottom of page), another beautiful work by Taiwanese artist Jung Shan:
Although I have some rice paper, I am far from comfortable with it, and the ratio and size wasn’t what I wanted, so I sketched on my 30×30 cm watercolor pad:
I used a Pentel black ink brushpen for the outline and strong parts, and was happy with hoe her faced turned out, compared to the pencil sketch:
I used sepia watercolor and a fine brush for the tree branch and blossoms:
With more sepia, some lamp black watercolor, and a regular brush, I painted the horse and the woman’s skin:
And finally, I used quinacridone rose to paint the blossoms and the woman’s lips, and used what I had left from my sepia wash for the kimono, and the background. The rest of the kimono was painted with lamp black watercolor:
Here is the final version (23×30 cm), framed:


9 Jun
This is ‘Speed III‘ by Jung Shan, who, as far as I understand, draws digitally and then adds actual ink brush strokes :
I sketched the samurai on a Moleskin watercolor book (21×13 cm):
I used a Pentel brushpen for the black strokes and cold grey Faber-Castell brushpens for the rest:
Then I erased the pencil marks, cut diagonally one of my cheap brushes, prepared a lamp black wash, took a deep breath and stoked:
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