“So, what are you up to, these days?”

This is the end of the W3C TPAC week (technical plenary and advisory committee meetings, our yearly mass), in Lisbon. It was stressful –a bit, but also very rewarding.

As I was prepping Wednesday for a public address, a participant came up to me to greet me and chat. He recounted how I had helped him with the W3C Incubator Group he was running years ago (they are the former version of W3C Community Groups, which we deployed in 2012.) He went on saying how I had shared with him some aspirations to do different things at work and that he should tell my boss I was helpful as it might help me.

I don’t recall telling him that, nor thinking that at all, but I trust his memory more than mine. He continued, “So, what are you up to these days?” I showed him my badge as though it was going to give more strength and validity to my point and said “Well, I’m now the head of W3C Marketing and Communications.”

The puzzled look on his face was really priceless. Surprised and amused. “Thank you,” I added.

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I am ♀, W3C staff since early 99, mum of a ♂since late 07.

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