Who else I am on the Internet

On the Internet you can be a dog. Or a fictitious porn actress.

A friend of mine recently shared his findings. With the support of image.google.com he found a picture of me was used on a bunch of websites. None of them are run by me, and in case of profile pictures, none are mine. Here they are, ordered by preference:

My favourite is this wiki. In this story, I am Della Winters, ‘PhD in psychology, who swapped fame, fortune and academic recognition for facials and anal‘, when deciding to quit her career and become a porn actress. See below. The prolific author stole a photo of me in 2002 to illustrate Della Winters before her career change.

screenshot of the Della Winters story wiki

The other one I liked very much. In a very long and boring blog post, I am Meggan Wells and I ‘help others like myself stop smoking cigarettes once and for all.’

screenshot of a website where I'll help you stop smoking

The last two are rather dull. I’ve been ‘simsalabim‘ since August 2010 on a Slovak website for home furnishing and services, and notably commented once on a forum about Ikea; and ‘mspepper87‘, a rather quiet fan on Amazing OurStage, a website run from Massachusetts for musicians who want to get their music out to a wider audience, and fans who want to find fresh music.

screenshot of user profile simsalabim

screenshot of user profile mspepper87

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