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#sketch: Jardin des plantes, Paris

27 Dec

Santa (Daniel DardaNoël) brought me a book on urban sketching, with a note that he wished I’d do more drawing on location. I love the idea.

I’ve always been in awe of those who master live sketching, quick sketching, those who keep a travel notepad or sketchbook to fill with notes and drawings or paintings. My friend Ann Bassetti travels with watercolour and a light equipment just to do that. She took me to a Dr Sketchy Anti Art School event in San Francisco last March. It was fun and inspiring, although I performed very poorly. But it wasn’t the point. The point is that I’ve wanted to do this for years, and I have a few notepads and sketchbooks already, and I’m glad I went with Ann last March, and that Daniel just gave me this book. This is all connected :)

So, I read all the book and although it says ‘go outside and sketch,’ I stayed inside and sketched. From a picture I took in Paris last October at Jardin des plantes, next to the gigantic greenhouse.

Made on paper (12×17 cm), in my Paperblanks notebook, with Pentel ink brush and watercolour.

scanned sketchbook: Jardin des plantes, watercolour and ink, made 26 December 2014

#sketch: Baby Adrien asleep

25 Dec

Santa brought me a sketchbook and compressed charcoal pencils (soft, medium, hard) that I wanted to try today. I settled for the photo Vlad took of Adrien moments after he was born, still wrinkled and puffy, but fast asleep. It’s my second or so drawing made with this medium and took me a couple hours.

Made on paper (A5) with charcoal and white pastel..

charcoal drawing of baby Adrien, made 25 December 2014

Who else I am on the Internet

22 Dec

On the Internet you can be a dog. Or a fictitious porn actress.

A friend of mine recently shared his findings. With the support of he found a picture of me was used on a bunch of websites. None of them are run by me, and in case of profile pictures, none are mine. Here they are, ordered by preference:

My favourite is this wiki. In this story, I am Della Winters, ‘PhD in psychology, who swapped fame, fortune and academic recognition for facials and anal‘, when deciding to quit her career and become a porn actress. See below. The prolific author stole a photo of me in 2002 to illustrate Della Winters before her career change.

screenshot of the Della Winters story wiki

The other one I liked very much. In a very long and boring blog post, I am Meggan Wells and I ‘help others like myself stop smoking cigarettes once and for all.’

screenshot of a website where I'll help you stop smoking

The last two are rather dull. I’ve been ‘simsalabim‘ since August 2010 on a Slovak website for home furnishing and services, and notably commented once on a forum about Ikea; and ‘mspepper87‘, a rather quiet fan on Amazing OurStage, a website run from Massachusetts for musicians who want to get their music out to a wider audience, and fans who want to find fresh music.

screenshot of user profile simsalabim

screenshot of user profile mspepper87

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