My little adventure in my little room in London


When I opened the door to my little hotel room in London, I liked it immediately. Small but clear, crowded with two beds, but cozy. I noted the kettle and a good supply of freeze dried instant coffee, a tiny flat screen TV that I won’t watch high in a corner, flowery curtains at the window, a pair of cheap dark flowery paintings above the queen bed, two bedside lamps with flowery light shades. I sat at the tiny desk facing a mirror. This is when I noticed the lamp shades were crooked.

I made coffee and then looked for wifi. The password seemed all right but it was taking forever to get through. Airplane mode on and off didn’t help, so I rebooted my smartphone. This is when I PUK locked it. First time this happened to me!


I looked at myself in the mirror and saw my rather miserable expression –and a crooked lamp shade. I sorted out the PIN code situation using my laptop to hop on the wifi and find my PUK code, but the whole thing took a half hour.

At that point I rewarded myself by sorting out the vile crooked shades one! That required unscrewing each light bulb, removing the shade, unscrewing the flat ring, screwing it back upside down (or downside up?), resting down the lamp shade back on and screwing back the bulb.

It’s the little things.