momentary blunder

I’m annoyed at SFR (cell phone carrier) everytime I receive spam by SMS or MMS, so I logged onto my account on their website today in order to check once and for all if I could specifically request to not receive their promotional SMSs or MMSs.

I didn’t recognise my subscription type. And my latest invoice was incredibly expensive. “Leafing” through it, I was astonished that this latest invoice had 72 pages (when usually it’s 2 or 3)!

I was struck to realise I was looking at somebody else’s data. Her personal information, her banking information, her invoices for the past 6 months. I could browse it all and also change things. The top of each page all had “Coralie Mercier”, though, next to a link to log out.

I called them on the phone to let them know. I don’t think the guy really understood how wrong it was. He said he’d lodge a complaint. He made me wait a couple minutes while doing so and then said he would report I had somebody else’s invoice on screen instead of mine. I corrected him that I had access to all of this person’s data and options. He said “ah. ok”. And then added, almost robot-like, that it usually takes 5 business days for complaints to be processed. He thanked me for my call and wished me a good day.

It’s fixed now, I just checked.