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More vibrant

29 Jul
I’m happy when I can listen to music.
I listen to music most of the time (except, of course, while attending teleconferences).
Even when I sleep, music plays.

And when I use headphones (I’m the proud and satisfied owner of Sony MDR-EX71 earbuds),
this is when I am happiest and when the music is the most vibrant.

Massive attack!

24 Jul
I was one of the lucky thousands of people who were at the Massive Attack concert in La Pinède of Juan les Pins, FR.

The concert was *awesome*

They performed almost two hours. The sound quality was amazing for an outdoor concert (by the sea, among pine trees). The light effects were beautifully arranged to accompany their music.

They did ‘Inertia Creeps’ and I thought I’d faint ;) A shame that they didn’t do ‘Spying Glass’ (yup, my two favourites).

Their music made me so goosebumpy that I was cold (and it was a hot night on the riviera –28 to 30 C)

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